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[10/15/20]   If you need me before 5 today message me on here. Thanks y’all. ♥️
Had a little fun with Leann’s hair last week! I love this girl. I’ve known her forever. She’s going to go so far in life!!
Before and after of Rebecca Smithee
We cut off 13 inches of hair!!!!
[06/22/20]   Ok guys I know they are scaring us with the numbers. Please remember that’s what they do. I’ve had a few cancellations this week. We are very super clean at the salon. You are in good safe hands. We all check our temps before we start work. We check everyone that comes in the door.
I need to fill some slots now. Lol. Message if you need in.
Created this bright pink color yesterday. We had a blast!
Shear Elegance Design Team
[05/22/20]   So happy to be back working this week and see all my wonderful family of clients! Sorry I can’t get you all this week lol. Bare with us. We are able to work a little more coming next week. As long as we can social distance we can have more people in the shop. Luckily Shear Elegance Design Team is big enough we can maintain 6 feet apart unless you’re in the chair.
Keep your chins up! This won’t last forever!!
Ok ladies and gentlemen! I’m ready to start back Wednesday bright and early with full days.
I have been tested for coronavirus 2times. Both times are negative. I finished my on line webinar this morning for everything to do to make us opening safe for you and me and everyone.
My main thing is handwashing. When you come into the salon I will require every client of mine to wash their hands for 20 seconds. I will be doing this a lot during your appointment. I’m only asking once. I ask you wear a mask in and keep it on until you sit in my chair. For shampooing I will ask you to lay a towel over your face to protect us both. From what I understand that will be our most vulnerable time.
Our time is valuable right now and we have so many wanting in right away.
I have never done this before but if schedule with me and you do not show up or you do not cancel in a reasonable amount of time a $25 fee will be implemented and will be paid before I book you again. It hurts me to say that but I must protect me also.
Please be patient. This is all new to us also.
I am so excited to get back to work safely. I love and miss you all.
My first 3 weeks are crazy already. Call me today or tomorrow and I will try to make
Sure you’re in the first month.
Guys don’t wait cause you’re a 15 minutes cut. You’re not anymore. Not with all the extra cleaning.
Do not stop by the shop to make an appointment. We cannot at anytime be over 30% capacity. Luckily we are blessed with a huge shop.
I also know a lot of my self employed people are in the same boat I’m in. We’ve not been paid in so long we’re rubbing pennies together lol. Call me. I will work our payment plans for you. It’s time to be beautiful and help each other out.
[04/10/20]   I miss you all so much. My life is not the same without you all. You’ve all come to mean so much to me. This will be over someday, then we shall rock some hair!!

Before and after of Sandra! I think she looks awesome as a lighter blonde! Time for those summer colors!
Give me a call!
Shear Elegance Design Team
[02/17/20]   I have still have a few open spots this week if you’re needing in!
Before and after of Dawn Hill ❤️❤️
Before and after of Destiny Cooper ❤️❤️
[02/06/20]   It’s a great busy day here in the hair world! Today and tomorrow are booked solid. If you need in next week give me a shout.
[01/31/20]   It’s been another awesome week at Shear Elegance Design Team! Call me to get in to the fun next week!!
Love my long hair girls! We added some true Carmel to her hair to start back the process of taking all the dark out.
[01/22/20]   It was an amazing first day at Shear Elegance Design Team. Thank you everyone!
New station all set up!! Can’t wait to start in the morning becoming a part of the
Shear Elegance Design Team!!
So excited!!
[01/18/20]   Getting closer to Tuesday. Heading to Jonesboro for some new products for us to play with! Next week is getting packed 😍 call me soon if you want in next week.
So it’s time to get back to work all the time! You guys ready? I’m so ready!!
I will be in a new salon next week.
I am going to sheer elegance at 100 north rocking chair road. I’m excited and nervous about all the new changes this year!! Come on in and let’s make 2020 beautiful!!
[11/19/19]   It’s a week before thanksgiving. I have a few open spots left.
Call If you Need in.
[11/08/18]   Good morning!! Finally got back to the page!
Pretty new blondes! We had so much fun!
Sandra and our beautiful blonde!
It has been a fun coloring week!!
I love caramel!!
I freaking love fall!! Not the weather, just the colors!
Excuse the messy station. 6 bowls of color later. Lol
I love fall colors!!!
Asymmetrical undercut bob with some of the prettiest blonde ever!!
Cassie and our blues!! So much fun!!
[04/25/17]   As summer approaches...ITS TIME FOR NEW HAIR!!
Give me a call! There's a call button on my page!
Had a great time adding this little splash of color to Cathy. She just wanted a little jazz for her trip to Florida :)
Had a great time adding a little blue splash to Cathy.
Hand painted highlights. So much fun!!
A beautiful long hair red!! Love ya Brandy Ness!

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