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[12/01/20]   The shop will still be open this week thru Friday!
You can call for an appointment or just stop by!
Due to COVID-19 contact guidelines, I have to quarantine for 14 days. I am NEGATIVE for the virus, but I came into contact with someone who has it. I will contact my appointments for the next 2 weeks and reschedule. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you all stay safe.
Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy Thanksgiving ❤️
Lady in red🤩
[11/21/20]   Angie's Therapeutic Massage - Angelworks, LLC dba
Mena & Mt Ida locations - no massage services. I have chosen to self-close, temporarily canceling all appointments for now. Too much covid-19 in the community (esp. Polk & Montgomery counties). Will review situation to possibly reopen middle of December or when covid-19 rates go down. As far as I know, to date I have not been near anyone positive. Wishing you and yours safe Thanksgiving. Feel free to text or call me if you don't hear from me. 479-216-1165
Every woman likes a little sparkle in her life!
[11/10/20]   ❤️❤️ It's just hair - I got to be a part of your wedding!

It's just hair - I was there for your child's first haircut.

It's just hair - I was there for your first date.

It's just hair - I was there for your school dance .

It's just hair - I was there for their funeral.

It's just hair- I was there for your graduation.

It's just hair- I was there when you didn't like the way you looked.

It's just hair- when you are getting ready to interview for your dream job and we needed to get you a full makeover and pep talk

It's just hair- when all you wanted in the whole world is a hug from your hair stylist because you knew they'd give it to you with open arms!

It’s just hair- when you just found out your expecting and haven’t shared the news with anyone else yet

It's just hair- when you lost your job and didn't know what you were going to do

It's just hair- when you were getting a divorce and just needed to feel better about yourself.

It's just hair- when you had a terrible day and looked forward to being able to vent without being judged

It’s just hair- when I came in after hours to get your hair done before a last minute early morning flight to make it home in time to see a loved one before it’s too late

It's just hair- when you are about to go on vacation and can't wait to tell me all about it on your next visit

It's just hair- when you bought your very first home

It’s just hair - when I buzzed it all off and cried with you.

It's just hair ...

It's not "just hair" Never has been and never will be!

❤️ This is why I love my job and “JUST DO HAIR” ❤️

Before and after. Transitioning to grey is a slow process. Today was day 1.
Fall is in the air! Call to schedule your nail appointment. Book a massage with Indulgence Salon/Angie's Therapeutic Massage (Angelworks, LLC dba) | Mount Ida AR 71957 Do you have election stress? Relax with a massage! Openings in Mt. Ida (Mondays, Thursdays & some weekends) - Text 479-216-1165 to schedule. Mention "Election" for Discount rates- $90/90 min, $60/60 min or $45/45 min - rates apply all of Nov. 2020 as space available
#electionrelief Indulgence Salon/Angie's Therapeutic Massage (Angelworks, LLC dba) massage services in Mount Ida, AR. By appointment only - schedule by call or text 479-216-1165.
Our new favorite lotion scent!!! Amazing!! 😍
Cold and dreary days are perfect for tanning ☀️🌦
Root smudge and lowlights are perfect for adding dimension to blonde hair!
Natural and subtle highlights on this beauty 😍
French tip ombre❤️
Fun with some stickers and transfers.
Any teachers feeling this pain? Make your appointment to touch up those roots! 😁
Needing a hand and body lotion? Check out all the scents and products we have available!
Before and After‼️

Alli’s ombré nails
Cool toned blonde and a pretty fall color! 💁‍♀️

Orange is the new black
Fall is in the air🍁🍂
Glendale wanted ‘business in the front, party in the back’
He’s rockin’ the mullet 😎
💥Time to strengthen and hydrate your hair! 💥
After the summer sun, lightening and coloring, your hair can feel brittle, dry and lifeless. Call today to set up an appointment for an Olaplex and moisturizing treatment! 870-490-2212
Lady in red...beautiful natural nails.
Fall navy nails🍁
✨ Blonde beauty ✨
Black gel nails with blue plate special chrome❤️
Fall nails🍁
All that glitters is gold...
❤️Waterfall nails
Fall ready! 🍁🌾🍂

-Amanda Sinus, allergies, headaches, try a cold stone facial massage (lymphatic drainage) and/or cold-hot stone massage!!! Text 4792161165 to schedule yours! #coldstone

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