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Our most beautiful bride!

[09/28/20]   If you or your child have been exposed to Covid-19 and are required to quarantine, please call your stylist and reschedule your appointment. We will not be accepting walk-ins at this time, and ask you not to bring ANYONE with you to your appointment or they will be asked to wait outside. Thanks! 🚨 We need your help! Please GO TO ⤵️⤵️⤵️
... and take this very short but VERY IMPORTANT SURVEY FOR OUR INDUSTRY!!

- @kevin.givens
Six Figure Hairdresser We are now a solid five months into this. If you are not working/not getting a paycheck, or just not making enough to cover everything, and run out of food or necessities...please don’t let yourself or your kids go to sleep with an empty stomach. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send me a private message. I am more than happy to help. I will drop and go. No one has to know, and I will pretend it never happened. What's understood never has to be explained. One day, when things are better, you will be able to pay it forward.



Beauty Launchpad A friendly reminder from @korimtemkin this #tbt ❤️💯 #beautylaunchpad

🚨Have you ever had a stylist say no to you because you have box dye in your hair? Have you ever wondered what makes box dye so bad? Let’s unpack this!🚨
💥To put it as simply as I can, the difference between a box & a pro tube of color comes down to what’s in it. When you come to a salon, your stylist has a whole range of colors & developers that range in different levels of ammonia & other chemicals used to lift/color the hair. With a box, they want as many people as possible to get “results” so they put the HIGHEST levels of these chemicals. This means even if you use black or a dark color, they’re using the same chemicals made to lighten the hair, which you DONT need, especially when you’re going dark. What happens after that color is in your hair? Because the chemicals are stronger, they’re jammed way harder in to your hair & end up staining your hair at its core. Imagine I dump a latte & a cup of plain coffee onto a white carpet. Which one is going to come out easier? The more diluted one, NOT the stronger one!
💥Now let’s talk about goals! We’ve all gone dark to turn around & want to go light again. That’s OK!! But let’s go back to the carpet. If I dump 1 cup of coffee on the carpet, it may never be pure white again, but we could get it close over time. NOW imagine I dump 5 cups of coffee over the same piece of carpet & just let it sit. Have fun cleaning it then! 😂 This applies with hair too. I’ve seen miracles work & I’ve gotten people light eventually with box in their hair. But this takes a lot of time and a lot of $$$! These people tend to be extremely serious about their goal & are willing to cut their hair, pay a lot of $ and spend a lot of time with me. If you’re unwilling to do those things, let’s have a reasonable goal! Reds, caramel, different shades of brown & dark purple are more reasonable AND super beautiful!! They may take a session or 2, but at least it’s within REASON for you & your stylist. Blondes don’t have the most fun! Healthy hair does! ⚡️
Habit Salon Braid Vid 🤩 w/ @lindseyraepengelly
Michael Cole This is classic ...
Great Hair Ain’t Cheap
Cheap Hair Ain’t Great

Thanks gpkhair for the share
HeBrews 11&1 The wait is over!!! HeBrews 11:1 will be soon offering Stuffed Spuds and Boba (Bubble Tea)🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

We are soooo excited to be able to add these 2 items to our menu and our community.

So get ready, get ready, get ready! New and exciting things coming to Downtown Hope 😘😍🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️❤️❤️

Invite all you know to follow and like our page.

Full of more surprises, soon to come!!😘😘😘


👏🏼 * So just to sum it all up for everyone, here's a lul excerpt from our latest #TEDTALK ... nite-nite #behindthechair
Please read
HeBrews 11&1 Today is Tuesday and we are serving CHICKEN SALAD🔥🔥 please call and get your orders in soon as you can.

2 options
Sandwich with chips and fruit on the side
A bowl with crackers


Call 870-397-3904 to place your order.

We also still have a few spots for our HeBrews 11:1 Salad.

Add a drink:
Blueberry , lavender lemonade
Peach Tea
Watermelon Tea
BlackBerry Tea
And more 😘😍🥰

Talk soon!!!!

HeBrews 11&1 Smoothie Monday!!

Pina Colada
Green Apple
Strawberry Banana

And more

Cal your order in today 870-397-3904
Please read before making your appointment.
Habit Salon Beachy boho vibes 🌸 @okevaaa @habitextensionmethod
We believe in the 2nd amendment!! The 2nd amendment keeps businesses safe when police can't Long hair is back and better than ever in 2020
Sassy Wraps Check out these cute wraps and bows made by our stylist Brooke Moten! Shopping & retail
One24 Salon
🌵✌️ 😜🤣😉 ...

Blonde is a myth! Ha! 🤣
Beauty Launchpad ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Happy Mother’s Day! @positivelypresent #beautylaunchpad
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Mother’s Day gift certificates available!

Spray tans

Pamper your favorite lady! She deserves it!
New protocols!
American Salon you can say that again... I MISS IT. #regram @thechemicalqueen
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It’s hard to be grateful in times like these, but look for the good! We are blessed. One Month of Quarantine Has Left the Salon Industry Devastated COVID-19 has been devastating for an industry of professionals who make a living by touching people. Marissa Adams Photography and Jenna Lane Photography Local Love Raffle — Jenna Lane Photography Local Love raffle sponsored by Jenna Lane photography and Marissa Adams Photography benefiting local small businesses in Nashville and Southwest Arkansas during the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020.
Don’t do it!

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