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Beautiful blonde done Saturday. Hair by LAURA FOWLER
Beautiful color I did on my client Wednesday. Hair by LAURA FOWLER
Before, Goal, and After Hair by LAURA FOWLER done in 4 hrs
Before and after Hair by LAURA FOWLER
Before and after. She was tired of fighting the gray. She looks AMAZING!!! Hair by LAURA FOWLER
1st picture was Carona do (before) so we made it better (after) Hair by LAURA FOWLER
This was my clients very 1st time to color her hair. It turned out BEAUTIFUL!! hair by LAURA FOWLER
1st client after the pandemic. Was good to get into some color !! Hair by LAURA FOWLER
This is me after a 12hr day in a mask. Feel gross for sure... However, I loved being in my element, seeing some great clients! Thank ya'll for making this long first day back in the salon AWESOME!!! I love all my fabulous clients!!!
I'm looking for someone to join my salon. Located downtown Conway on Parkway. This space gives us a chance to develop close relationships with our clients. So if you are an established stylist and would love to be downtown contact me at 214-632 2210. Look forward to meeting you!!

[05/03/20]   I'm soooooooo ready to see all my beautiful clients starting Wednesday the 6th!!! There are a few stipulations, but I got this!!
[04/05/20]   Today, the stylists you love and need are preparing to walk away from their chair, their dream job, their income, and their clients that they desperately love and care for.

We all know this is what must be done in order for this darkness to pass, but knowing doesn't make it easier.

So what can we do to help? Wait for them. Don't pick up a box of hair dye to "hold you over." Don't go purchase a wax pot that will make everything much worse! Don't find another stylist willing to fit you in at home. Wait on yours!! He/she needs you. Reach out to them and purchase a gift certificate in any amount. And...most importantly, pray for them. This wasn't something they were prepared for.

To my stylists... This darkness will pass. We will be back and we will hustle with a brand new passion. I love you all ❤️😘🤗

I can't wait to see all of my clients again!! I miss all of you terribly!!!

Much love
[03/25/20]   I'm sure by now, everyone has heard that hairstylist are no longer able to operate in the workplace until further notice. Please don't panic. Those of you who have appointments coming up, we will figure it out. I will be reaching out to you. Whatever you do, dont color your own hair please, color correction prices aren't fun for you. Please also refrain from doing your own haircuts. You wont like the grow out process, even if it is just your bangs..... also, know that I, will do everything in my power to take care of each and everyone of you!!! I care about you.

Before during and afterwards. My job was fun and rewarding today!!! Hair by LAURA FOWLER
Before and after color correction by LAURA FOWLER
After color correction
Inspiration picture, during the process, and the finished product. The client didn't want the dark root. Hair by LAURA FOWLER.
Inspiration picture, before and after. Hair by LAURA FOWLER Beauty Insider MONAT Studio One Dry Texturizing Spray Monat has released a BRAND NEW PRODUCT‼️

💥dry texture spray💥
watch this short clip explaining the product!

Contact Kristy Linville about these luxury haircare products!

We have a 30 day money back guarantee, SO if you’re not able to make it in for a shampoo/style to try the products, you have nothing to lose when you order today 😊 Press play to learn more about our new addition to the MONAT STUDIO ONE™ Styling line: Dry Texturizing Spray! A brand-new addition to our MONAT STUDIO ONE™ S...

This was a good time this morning! During the process, inspiration picture, and end results. We were both very Happy!! Hair by LAURA FOWLER

Before, and after going darker.

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