Jenner's Cut & Dry

1755 County Road 118

Bono, AR, 72416

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[06/20/13]   I haven't had a chance to get on a computer and change Jenner's hours yet, but she is closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. She opens at 9:00 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
[11/10/11]   Jenner has been being open on Mondays now. She's usually there at 9ish
[10/25/10]   I know some people need some hair cuts....go see Jenner!!! she's AMAZING!!!
[10/07/10]   Jenner is back open so stop in and get a hair cut!
[09/08/10]   just to let everyone know...jenner is currently closed due to health related issues. she should have the shop up and running again soon!
[08/14/10]   please suggest this page to your friends
[08/11/10]   If you need a haircut Jenner's Cut & Dry is the place to be!

Jenner's Cut & Dry

  • (870) 351-5110