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Holy roots Batman! Blonde before and after 🦇
New school, new hair, duh 💁
Sunny waves to say goodbye to summer 🌄
I may be a little biased, but isn't this green magical??
Petite pixie 🧚
Purple curls for daaaaays 💜
Bubblegum princess 🧁
The truth is in the recipes right??
In honor of June/pride, all underarm services are $20!!!

All profits from this and other body hair related services will be donated to a local LGBT+ non-profit!

Message now to book, or learn more 🌈
Warmer weather means shorter hair ✂️

Openings available for next week 💜
They're here!
It's Thursday.
That info is obvious and not helpful.
Here's a hedgehog with a wig so this post is relevant.
Happy Thursday 🦔

Make you 'eye opening' appointment asap!

This cruelty free service permanently curls your lashes. Not only can you skip that evil eyelash curler, you'll start each day with bright wide eyes!

Leave me a review to enter yourself to win both current stickers INCLUDING the newest one as shown below!

(Winner picked Friday)
*mic drop*

I CAN NOT get over this before and after 😻
To all my current and future color correction clients, trust the chickens and the hair gods will bless us both!

Happy Sunday 🐓
My clients are hotter than yours 🔥
Balyage refresh 🌤️
Gloomy weather means spraying more hairspray while listening to The Cure 🖤

Happy Friday everyone, thanks for another amazing week in the salon!
Cherry bomb 🍒
Our lovely artist Kaerina from the shop nextdoor is my new stand-in for when I'm not available 😹
Peachy rose gold to help get through the brassy phase of going BLONDE. Vs the fade out a couple weeks later 🌸 trust the process and I promise the blonde gods will bless you!
We've all been there... If you ever need someone to listen, I'm here 😹
I'm back from my hiatus 🌈

Im thinking of offering this as a service, would you be interested? What questions do you have?
Never to late for a spring cleaning for your hair 🍓
NEW stickers are here!!
New stickers are on they're way!! Who's excited with me?? 😸
[04/03/19]   I'm having new stickers made, and they are amazing! Anyone interested in snagging one up??
Just cause is cloudy out, doesn't mean you need to look like the sun 🌞

Color correction appointments now available!
anyone else craving a ocean water slushie??
Color correction! This is our 1st step in going to white blonde. Remember the 'you have to be this if you want to be that' hair meme? This is a great example! She'll be blonde af and her hair will be healthy af, just wait!
It's a 1st world problem, but still doesn't mean it's a problem... 😹

Openings available this Saturday!
If this isn't me and my shortness... 😹
Tall or short, I'm getting that after shot, just don't judge my step stool!

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